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About Us


Raise our company logo (challenge importing quality and price) philosophy that we are looking forward to be the Pearl group of companies global institution engaged in market competition in the global destruction of the glass from the competition with each imports to Egypt glass Tableware from around the world and even compete with these products in their original markets, although the difference between the ages of our institution and the institutions that have entered the market since the beginning of the last century. Pearl group start this competition based on the human element and technology. Any training and rehabilitation and modernization of machinery and durable equipment in the light of global environmental standards and commitment to social responsibility of leading institutions.

First Factory for pearl group companies

At a time when the production standards of Egyptian glass had declined, Pearl Group investors stepped in to modernized the country’s glass industry by implementing the latest in technology, and laying the groundwork for mass production.

Established in 1986, Pearl Investment Company eagerly moved forward with a vision to transform the glass industry.  With the help of Italian know-how, by 1988 they had started production in the first factory, an area of 40,000 square meters located in 6 October City, back then a newly born industrial metropolis.

Lacking local and good quality products, consumers in Egypt and other Arab countries were dependent on European manufacturers to satisfy all their luxury glass needs. Pearl’s management staff and manufacturing employees, took on the job of producing and offering products that challenged the quality and price of the imported merchandise.

In 1992, the company’s production doubled with the addition of another bigger factory. Pearl then started to export to foreign markets in the Arab region, Europe and the United States, where the company’s share of the domestic market is about 20%. Today, Pearl Glass .

Pearl Group is presently working on launching Pearl Glass Manufacturing, a state-of-the-arts factory in a 60,000 square meter area. It will provide domestic and international markets with luxury pressed and blown glass, making it the first Egyptian manufacturer to employ the newest technology in the production of stemware, cups, mugs, and other products for hotels and home use. Pearl Glass Manufacturing will have the capacity to produce a 100 million pieces per year.

Pearl Group is proud that its products are used by many of the world’s foodstuff and beverage companies such as Pepsi Cola, Unilever, Nestle, and Lavache, among others.

Pearl Group adheres to the environmental standards of the industry by using environmentally green raw materials, as well as providing health and social care for its employees.

It should be noted that Pearl Group holds several quality certificates, which are:

Egyptian Quality Mark.

* ISO 9001 / 2008.

* ISO 14001 / 2004

* OHSAS 18001/ 2007 exports its high-quality glassware to 28 countries around the world.

Pearl glass Com

Pearl Glass Company was established, specializing in glass decoration with gold plating and printing of up to 6 colors.

Pearl Glass Manufacturing

Pearl Group is presently working on launching Pearl Glass Manufacturing, a state-of-the-arts factory in a 60,000 square meter area.

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